CONSOL Technology is a leader in document processing automation and marketing automation solutions. We integrate seamlessly with your existing data sources and use it to produce customer-centered touch points. The data can be used to develop any type of communication from printed documents to email and from online portals to text messaging.

Our Solutions

CONSOL Technology offers different packages of tools curated towards specific industry needs.

Versatile Automated Communications

No matter what industry you work in our complete suite of automation tools can adapt to your needs. Connect to diverse data sources. Produce endless types of communications. Distribute via traditional mail, email, text, fax or online portals. Track and report your successes with robust analytics tools.

Our cloud-based solution utilizes state-of-the-art technology to integrate to 3rd party platforms like with multi-channel marketing campaigns, resulting in an industry leading marketing automation application. Our processing automation applications provide secure processing and hosting solutions.

Healthcare and Health Insurance

CONSOLmx is a suite of tools assembled to meet the needs of Payers. Whether the goal is to produce and deliver compliance related documents, such as EOBs or ID Cards, or communicating about Invoices or Policy Changes, we have the state-of-the-art software to accomplish it all. Use CONSOLmx to communicate with:
• Members
• Providers
• Brokers

CONSOLmx will elevate your Member Experience!